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We are eager for you to join us for a Sunday Worship Service. Below is some information we think would be helpful for you to know before you arrive on Sunday.


We currently share a facility with Kol Mashiach, a Messianic Jewish congregation. The address is 2436 Croton Rd in Melbourne. It is the former facility of Crossroads Church.


Our Sunday services start at 10:00 AM. We generally end by 11:45 AM. Our gathering begins with an opening song set, followed by a break for our kids’ dismissal to their classes, and then a 45-50 minute sermon.


At RLC, we sing both contemporary worship songs and traditional hymns. We strive to select theologically solid songs that are cross-centered and Christ-exalting, and therefore, edifying to the church.


God’s Word is central to our service. Our preaching is largely expository, allowing us to study books of the Bible in-depth. On occasion, we may do a short topical series, but either way, expect preaching that is straight from Scripture and, therefore, relevant to your life.


RLC Kids, our children’s ministry, is currently for children ages 1 to 9. Every 3rd Sunday, we have a Sunday School class for ages 10-12. Moms with an infant can participate in the service from the comfort of our Infant Care Room, just off the lobby.


Expect to find a church that causes you to seriously consider staying and joining our fellowship because Christ has been exalted among the people, His infallible word has been upheld as the rule for our lives, and the people are genuine in their warmth, hospitality, and care. Come a few minutes early and enjoy some coffee at the back of our sanctuary. There will be many of us to welcome you!

Risen Life Church

2436 Croton Rd, Melbourne, FL 32935